Monday, January 4, 2010

Roberto Alagna in speedos

The furry, wet, and now-available Roberto Alagna! Now with a limited speedo edition! From his incredibly vain (but hot) 'workout' video in his villa.


ChristinaLuise said...

If you want to find out why he is sexy please click here

I think it's great fun ! ;))


Anonymous said...

R.Alagna is not yet divorced.Angela said on 12th December they are not divorcing,he asked her not to and he promised her more freedom instead.Yes,they are separated but talk on the phone every day .
I don't think they'll manage to get over their problem but...
You could only hope.
You are right, he's sexy.

Anonymous said...

And do not forget the 1996 Lyon "Elisir d'amore" with his [then] brand new wife [Angela Gheorghiu as Adina]and sister-in-law [Elena Dan as Gianetta; she was Angela's sister and died shortly afterwards].