Sunday, January 23, 2011

Battle of the Bulge: Roberto Alagna

I've decided to start a new series, which deviates slightly from the topic of shirtless singers. This series focuses on the lower half as opposed to the upper half, and we'll have a chance to see the most well-endowed singers show their stuff. First up, Roberto Alagna, who loves to show his stuff off all the time.


Placifan said...

singularly unimpressed with the Alagna package and naked chest.
... got any Placido swimsuit photos?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Roberto! So handsome and sexy... These pictures made my day :)))))) Thank you for posting!

nmharleyrider said...

Must be one of those "growers" since he does not show much of anything in those photos. I guess some people are easily impressed or have a great imagination. wishful thinking I think